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The World Closed Gate Bowling concept came from a dear friend and neighbor down the street now known as Bobby2Throw. After years of enjoying league play at the local bowling alley, he thought street bowling at his house would be fun.

After over a 30 year absence from living at the house I grew up in, I returned to a neighborhood that was in transition from older life long residence to younger family’s moving in. As Bob and I discussed bowling, another friend, Big Shuugg mentioned he had six regulation bowling balls. Our family home is located at the park entrance to the Jewel of Sacramento, the American River Rossmoor Bar Park. It is the perfect spot to start a neighborhood bowling team.

On March 23rd 2019 a group of friends started setting up pins and bowling. I spent about ten years working professionally in Motorsport promoting and acting as director of competition. I know the rules of the road, so to speak. March 23rd I worked with my group and to much displeasure of Bobby2Throw, I started writing up rules. After that I made a 14 event schedule, purchased whimsical trophies for each event night and ordered $800 worth of T-Shirts and event team shirts.

Over this summer I have received overwhelmingly positive feed back from friends and neighbors. The best comment was from my dear new friend and web developer queen Mary Margaret . She said “Bowling has brought us together as a neighborhood and I feel so much more connected to our community”

Join me on our journey of Building Community One Potluck At A Time using a silly fun game of street bowling to bring all of us out of our houses and down the street to enjoy the fellowship of the humans around us

Thank You
TJ Milton
World Closed Gate Founder and Evangelist

T.J. Milton


Rossmoor Bar & Grill (food)

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As a proud graduate of Sacramento’s Regional Occupational Program AC / Heating after my senior year, my dad had me and two friends who had just come out of the carpentry program, build a new garage on the family corner lot. It was positioned at the entrance to the gem of Rancho Cordova Rossmoor Bar Park on the American River.

Days after graduating from Sacramento City College In Mechanical Electrical Technology, I jumped on an air plane to Anchorage Alaska. After seven years I moved to Seattle.

Thirty years later, my father came down with cancer and I returned home to assist in taking care of him. After the loss of my father, I purchased the family home. In cleaning up, I found the breakfast bar that was removed from the kitchen in the mid eighties in the rafters. With a trip to Michaels for letters and Amazon for metal fish art, we made the Rossmoor Bar-N-Grill sign and hung it on the front of the garage I helped build in high school.

The development of the world closed gate bowling was as much a part of the Rossmoor Bar-B-Grill as was my enjoyment and experience with promoting events.

Schedule 2019

March 23 - March 30
April 27 - May 11
May 25 - June 8
July 13 - July 27
August 10 - August 24
September 14

October 11th & 12th

Friday night is the Last Chance Qualifier. Saturday night's championship round will only be open to the top 35 players of the 2019 season. Friday night the only people participating in the pill draw are players who have not bowled with us before. Season players will be allowed to fill the board. Both nights are potluck and bring your own beer

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Rules & Regs

Maximum 24 players - Minimum 15 players
Six standard regulation bowling pins
Standard regulation bowling ball or balls

To establish “line up” each player blind picks from 24 numbered balls (Pill Draw). Players will start in numerical order. Officials will announce prior to the event the pill draw open and close time. Everyone must be present to participate in pill draw. Officials will start the game at their discretion no sooner that 15 minutes after pill draw closes to allow people to practice. As long as there is space available, participants can join the game up until the first bowler rolls the second round. The playing field is site specific although must contain four throwing locations. Marked as Alpha, Beta, X marks the spot and Infinity.

The lowest pill draw picks the round 1 throwing location. Round 2 thru 5 picks the worst bowler with lowest pill draw, gets to pick the next round bowling location. Players only get to the pick bowling location once and the score keeper is responsible for picking the picker. The marked location with two safety cones, bowlers to throw from behind the two cones at designated “picked” throwing location.

THE GAME IS WON BY: Five single throws highest number of pins dropped wins. Sudden death match, lowest pill draw gets to decide if lowest or highest pill draw rolls. "JohnTony-JohnTony PEEPEE CLAUSE": If a player does not come to line when called by officials to bowl, that player will have a three bowler grace period. When the 4th player rolls, the PEEPEE player will lose their roll in that round. The player is still in the game although that round will not be scored.

The Season Championship night maximum number of players will be extended to 34. The World Closed Gate Bowling League is an underachiever event and if a player wants to let someone else bowl in their place this is allowed. That bowler will forfeit their opportunity to trophy.


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